Prescription Drugs & DUI Arrests

DUI arrests for prescription drug impairment seem to increase every year in the Athens, Georgia area as Athens-Clarke County and University of Georgia police officers receive more training on the effects of drugs on the body. A DUI drug arrest can be made when a person is taking illegal drugs, taking prescription drugs not as prescribed, or taking prescription drugs just as prescribed.

A person taking illegal drugs can be charged with DUI just on the basis of the illegal drugs being in their blood. However with prescription drugs, when taken as prescribed by a doctor, it must be determined that a driver is less safe to operate an automobile as a result of the drugs. Police officers receive training in DUI drug investigations and use that training to make determinations of whether to arrest a driver for DUI.

Similar to DUIs from consuming alcohol, in DUI drug investigations, officers look for signs of drug impairment through the use of field sobriety evaluations and other signs of impairment that they are taught are indicative of drug use. However, with different drugs, people show different signs of impairment, which may not be consistent with alcohol.

Prescription Drug DUI Penalties

DUI drug cases carry different consequences than a DUI from alcohol, such as different driver’s license suspensions and limitations on receiving driving permits. If you are taking prescription drugs, whether on a regular basis or not, it is important to be aware of the risks of being arrested and charged with a DUI. If you are charged with a DUI as a result of prescription medications, it is important to speak with an attorney that is aware of the unique circumstances that a DUI drugs case brings and the unique defenses that can be raised. Defenses that are different from an alcohol-related DUI.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI as a result of prescription drugs, contact the law firm of Baker & Slider today at (706) 208-1514. Our lawyers have experience in dealing with DUI prescription drug cases and understand the intricacies of dealing with and defending against DUI charges.

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