Possession of a Fake ID

Students stopped and cited for Underage Possession of Alcohol (UPA) or Minor in Possession (MIP) are often charged with an additional offense of Possession of a Fake or False Identification (ID) Document. College students going out in and around Athens often do not think about the possibility of additional charges they could face for having a fake ID. Students can be charged with the misdemeanor fake ID offense after being caught with altered or fake ID documents that they purchased in order to gain entry into a bar or club, however, they can also be charged for possession of a fake ID if they use an identification document belonging to another person.

Additionally, people making or selling fake ids to other under 21 individuals could face more serious felony charges. Police officers in Athens, including UGA police officers, actively search for fake identification documents after making arrests of underage individuals. Students can find that the possession of a fake ID causes their Underage Possession of Alcohol (MIP) charge to be transferred from Municipal or traffic court to the State or Superior Court of the county in which they are charged. Further, UGA police officers regularly interrogate people in possession of these fake ids to determine where they were made and how they were purchased.

What are the Georgia Fake ID Laws?

In Georgia it is illegal to “possess, display, or use any false, fictitious, fraudulent, or altered identification document.” It is also unlawful to “possess, display, or use an identification document issued to another person,” which means in Georgia, being in possession of another person’s license in order to purchase alcohol or gain entry into a bar is unlawful.

It is also illegal to make or sell false identification documents and document forgers can face even more serious criminal charges.

What Kind of False Documents are Illegal?

Any state made ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, could be an illegal ID under any of the circumstances below. Student IDs are not a problem because they don’t usually show a Date of Birth. Possession of any of these types of IDs is illegal:

  • Fake IDs: an ID that was completely manufactured by an individual to be used by someone to misrepresent who they are or their age.
  • Altered IDs: a real, state issued ID that was altered in some way to change something, like the name or date of birth.
  • Another Person’s ID: it is illegal to use another person’s ID as though it is yours.
Is It a Felony to Have a False ID?

In Georgia, possession of a fake or altered id is a misdemeanor offense. However, if a person is caught or charged with manufacturing or selling fake or altered identification documents that person could be charged with a felony offense.

What are Charges for Possession of a Fake ID?

Possession of a fake identification document can be charged in multiple ways in Georgia. Georgia actually has two distinct code sections dealing with fake ids. The distinction in the two laws can depend on whether a person is just in possession of the fake id or presents the fake id as their own, an example would be showing a fake id to a police officer in order to not be charged with underage possession of alcohol.

What Is the Punishment for Having a Fake ID?

For possession or presenting a fake id, a person can be convicted of a misdemeanor offense, which means that the maximum punishment is 12 months in jail and/or a $1000 fine. However, the typical punishment for possessing a fake id is a period of probation and a fine. However, beyond the probation and fines, a fake id conviction can result in a suspension of a person’s driver’s license depending on what exact code section they are accused of violating.

Who Is the Best Athens GA Fake ID Lawyer?

It is important to have a lawyer that is familiar with the issues surrounding fake ID charges, such as search and seizure laws; and who has experience fighting these charges. Jason Slider is a former prosecutor with the Athens-Clarke County Office of the Solicitor General and now uses that experience as a criminal defense attorney. He understands the law and has experience handling fake ID cases in and around Athens. If you or your child is charged with Possession of a Fake or False Identification Document, it is important for you to know your options and how you can minimize or eliminate the consequences of this criminal charge. We will fight for your rights in the courtroom.

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