DUI Roadblocks and UGA Football Games

Following University of Georgia home football games, police roadblocks are a common site. Oftentimes these roadblocks are established in the counties surrounding Athens, such as Oglethorpe, Madison and Jackson counties, and are operated by Georgia State Patrol in conjunction with the local police department. The purpose of these roadblocks is mainly for DUI detection. Many local police departments and the Georgia State Patrol modified their roadblock policies following changes in the law several years ago in attempts to comply with constitutional requirements of setting up roadblocks and in response to lawyers, such as Jason Slider, who argued that roadblocks were not complying with the Constitution.

DUI Roadblocks and UGA Games

The common procedure at a roadblock is for a “screening” officer to speak to the driver of each vehicle to determine if they see evidence of alcohol consumption. If they do, they then ask the driver to pull the vehicle to the side of the road for further investigation. This investigation can be further questioning of the driver by the same or another officer or can be a request for the driver to submit to field sobriety evaluations or to blow into a breath testing device. If the officer believes that the person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will then arrest the driver for DUI and ask them to submit to a further test of their breath or blood.

Following the UGA home game versus South Carolina troopers from the Georgia State Patrol set up roadblocks in Oglethorpe County several hours after the game ended, but still made contact with people returning home from the football game. It can be expected that roadblocks will be set up following all UGA home football games either in Athens or the surrounding counties, such as Oglethorpe, Madison and Jackson counties.

Staying Safe from DUI When Driving to After UGA Games

The best way to avoid problems at these roadblocks is to have a designated driver who is safe to drive a vehicle. However, if you find yourself having been stopped and arrested at one of these post-gameday roadblocks contact a lawyer with experience dealing with DUIs and roadblocks. Jason Slider has extensive experience arguing the legality of roadblocks and defending DUI cases in the counties in which these roadblocks are being established.

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