DUI Jurisdiction and County Lines: A New Georgia Court Case

DUI Jurisdiction and County Lines: A New Georgia Court Case

Many people think that DUI jurisdiction ends at county lines. However, a recent Georgia court case might turn those notions on their head.

DUI Jurisdiction and County Lines: A New Court Case

TV shows and movies are full of examples where the police come to a screeching halt at the county line. As a result, many people think that once you cross these lines the police can’t follow. However, a recent Georgia case ruled that this isn’t true. There are exceptions that allow the police to follow you past county lines. We’ll look at the case and discuss what this ruling means for DUI jurisdiction and Georgia drivers.

DUI Jurisdiction and the Case

The case begins when a police officer noticed that a driver had a defective license plate. The police officer was less than a mile from the county line when he saw the car and driver. Additionally, the police followed the driver for a third of a mile before turning on their lights to make a stop. As a result, the driver passed by the county line by the time the police officer was able to catch up and make a stop.

Once the driver stopped, the police officer noticed the smell of marijuana and alcohol. As a result, the officer charged the driver with DUI. At court, the driver argued that the stop was illegal because they were no longer in the officer’s jurisdiction.

The court ruled that the stop was legal. It found that the police officer was “in pursuit” even though he hadn’t yet signaled for the driver to pull over. As a result, the driver’s DUI charges were upheld. This case shows that county lines don’t work like they do on TV. The police actually have a much larger DUI jurisdiction than most people think.

Free Consultations for DUI Jurisdiction Cases

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