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It can happen innocently enough. You have a few drinks or are taking your prescription medications and don’t realize you are impaired. Before you know it, you are pulled over and charged with DUI. In this situation, you probably have many questions. Will I go to jail? Will I face a driver’s license suspension? Will a conviction go on my permanent record? How much will it cost?

Athens-Clarke County DUI Defense Lawyer

You need a lawyer experienced in DUI defense. At Baker & Slider, LLC, we believe one mistake should not ruin your life. Therefore, we aggressively defend clients in Athens, GA and the surrounding counties, such as Oconee, Jackson, Madison, and Oglethorpe against all DUI charges. Call 706-208-1514 to speak with a Jason Slider today. Free initial consultations. You can also contact us online.

It Pays to Have had Experience on Both Sides

Our criminal defense attorney, Jason Slider, has over 12 years of experience handling DUI jury trials first as a prosecutor and now as a defense attorney. He served as a prosecutor with the Athens-Clarke County Office of the Solicitor General and now uses that experience defending clients charged with DUI. Because of his experience, he knows how the prosecution prepares for cases. He knows what challenges the opposition faces, how judges respond to certain arguments and, in many instances, how the police officers will testify. He uses this wealth of experience and information to build strong defenses for his clients.

He understands and is familiar with the specialized training officers receive to administer standardized field sobriety evaluations during DUI investigations. He is further familiar with the drug training that police officers receive through the National Highway and Traffic Safety’s Advanced Roadside and Impaired Driving Enforcement training and Drug Recognition Expert training. He has experience cross examining police officers about the administration of these field sobriety evaluations during DUI investigations and the way alcohol and the different drug classifications are manifested to show impairment in particular individuals. He also has experience in examining blood test results in order to determine if a person is within the therapeutic range for different prescription medications.

Awarded for Excellence as a DUI Defense Attorney

Jason Slider has earned the following recognitions:

Thorough Investigation

When you retain our services, we will investigate all aspects of the arrest. We will consider:

  • The legality of the stop
  • If the police followed proper protocol in making the arrest
  • If the field sobriety tests were administered properly and whether they effectively measure intoxication for an individual, given the differences that can be expected whether the impairment is from alcohol or a certain classification of drug
  • If the state administered breath or blood test meets constitutional requirements, and in a DUI drug case if the level of drugs in a person’s system are within an acceptable therapeutic range.

Our criminal defense attorneys will examine your case from all angles. All evidence in your favor will be used to build a defense strategy designed for your particular situation.

Charged with DUI? Know your rights. Contact an attorney with DUI jury trial prosecution and defense experience, an attorney that has tried over 100 criminal jury trials, at 706-208-1514. We are not afraid to fight for your rights in the courtroom.

Special Concerns for College Students

If you are a college student charged with DUI, you not only face criminal penalties and a driver’s license suspension, but you may also face punishment from your college. By fighting the charge in court, we work to minimize its impact on your life. Our goal is to get the best possible result for your specific circumstance. We also defend clients charged with underage possession of alcohol (MIP) and possession of fake ID.

Start Building Your DUI Defense Today

Charged with a DUI in Georgia? Contact us to schedule a confidential appointment with Jason Slider, our Athens DUI defense lawyer. With DUI cases, time is of the essence. Our office hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday. We are conveniently located near the University of Georgia in downtown Athens across the street from the Athens-Clarke County Courthouse.

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John Baker did a great job with my personal injury case. I couldn't have asked for a better settlement. I would recommend Mr. Baker to anyone that needed help after an accident.
I was injured in a slip and fall accident. John Baker advised me in the beginning that my case might be tough to win. I appreciated his honesty, however he did WIN!!! Thank you Baker & Slider, LLC.
John was awesome! He was attentive, accessible, and extremely prepared. I hope I never need another attorney, but if I do John has a client for life. He addressed all my concerns and was extremely candid with me regarding my particular case. I highly recommend him.
John Baker researched our case carefully, made recommendations and went over our options, kept us up to date and helped us reach a settlement quickly. We would recommend him to anyone needing a civil litigation attorney.
My husband and I were very pleased with Attorney Baker. He answered our questions, took away our worries, went out of his way to explain things and got our case settled in a short amount of time. I am very thankful someone recommended him to us.
Working with Baker and Slider was a great experience! You feel like you are working with friends who are available to you at any time. Very professional and hard working. Will use them again if the situation ever arises.”
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