Arrest Records, Mugshots and Background Checks

Arrest Records, Mugshots, and Background Checks

Arrest Records in Georgia

After you are arrested in the State of Georgia by any Policing Department or Agency, it is more than likely that the details of your arrest will be lingering in different places online. Depending on the county where you were arrested you could be on as many as 40+ websites as some counties are worse than others. As a result, these online publications happen regardless if your case gets dismissed in court, or you are found guilty.

Online Arrest Records may impact your:

  1. Personal Reputation
  2. Insurance Costs
  3. Employment Status
  4. Credit Applications
  5. And more…

Types of Arrest Records

Let’s go over the different types of Arrest Records that contain your personal and private information. Some of these records after an arrest belong to Official Government Agencies, like Courthouses and the DMV. Some Arrest Records belong to unofficial agencies, like Background Check databases and websites. These are private companies that do as they please. Only a licensed Attorney can seal or expunge records belonging to Official Government Agencies. However, unofficial records are just as harmful. As a result, many people look for a qualified Online Reputation Company to remove criminal records off of the internet and background check databases.

Arrest Records and Background Checks

Not all Background Check companies were created equal, they also vary in where the records come from. Therefore, it’s important to distinguish background check companies that use their own database and stores their own records, versus background check companies that access Government Records at the time the background check is done.

  • 95% of Background Checks are done on Tier 1 Background Check Companies, they typically cost between $19.99 to $49.99 per search. We can remove criminal records off of these.
  • Tier 2 Background Check Companies cost between $199 and $499 per search. Tier 2 Background Checks are only done because companies are legally obligated to. Only a Lawyer can remove these criminal records.

Normally this is for hiring/maintain professionals with:

  1. Financial Institutions
  2. Schools or other jobs working with children
  3. Medical Field
  4. Professional Drivers

If you work in one of these professions, your best bet is to hire a qualified and licensed Attorney to get your criminal records expunged or sealed. However, you should still work to get those pesky Online Arrest Records removed. For example, here’s a popular Athens, GA Arrest Record website that we frequently have to remove records from:

Once it gets published to this website, dozens of other websites will re-publish them. Moreover, national websites like and others may try to charge you money to remove your listing.

All of this can be professionally dealt with by a reputable Online Reputation Company. Additionally, after 7 years or a dismissal, you can see a Licensed Attorney to have your Government Record sealed or expunged.

This article was written by Curtis Boyd, an Online Reputation Specialist at Future Solutions Media. They have helped over 2000+ people remove their Criminal Records off of the internet, permanently. Check out their Arrest Record Removal Brochure for more information.

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